How to get there

You can plan your exact journey at 9292.nl in English using Dopersduin, Schoorl as your destination.

You can take bus number 151 from Alkmaar Central Station – it goes every 30 minutes on Monday – and get off at busstop ‘Schoorl, Koningsweg’.

A little further ahead you’ll find the Koningsweg on your left; from there it’s a 5 minutes walk to Dopersduin. The exact address is: Oorsprongweg 3, Schoorl.

Should you arrive by car, there is plenty of parking space on the premises. There is also free bike parking on the premises.

Should you arrive in the Netherlands by plane, the best airport is Schiphol, Amsterdam. There is a trainstation under the airport from which you can take the train (Schiphol airport – Alkmaar: every 30 minutes, 40 minutes journey, transfer at Zaandam). You can plan this journey at 9292.nl If you are going to travel by train (or other public transport) just once, you can buy a ticket at Schiphol or pay on public transport with your bank card, credit card or mobile.

We will look into extra transport options on Monday and Friday, and maybe Sunday if a larger group arrives early.

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